(Amended in General Body Meeting on 20 January 2013 at Nagpur)

As adopted in the All India Conference held at Madurai, on 15 & 16 July 2006

The title of the Association shall be “The All India Legal Metrology Officers' Association”.

Unless the context otherwise requires:- “Association” means the All India Legal Metrology Officers Association with the jurisdiction of the entire union of India.
President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Head Quarters Secretary, Secretary and Treasurer mean the President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Head Quarters Secretary, Secretary and Treasurer of the Association. “Member – State” or “Member-Association” shall mean the State-Level Association representing the Legal Metrology Officers of that State and formally affiliated to the Association.
“Member” means Legal Metrology Officer appointed by the State Governments or Union Territory of India or Central Government or any Officer appointed in IILM Ranchi or any Ex-Officer of Legal Metrology.
“The Council” means the National Executive Council of the Association.
The Representative General Body means the State Representatives who are authorized to vote for National Executive Council of the representative of State or Union Territory in the ratio of twenty five or fraction of Twenty five treated one member for electing executive council if the state having twenty five or lessthen president will be, if members are upto 50 the President and Gerneral Secretary will be the RGB member, if members are more than 50 then the state or union territory association nominate member in ratio mentioned above.

The Head Quarters of the Association shall be at New Delhi.

The objectives of the Association shall be:-
(a) To advance the Social, Moral, Cultural and the material welfare of the members belonging to the affiliated Member-Associations, here-in after called the ‘members'.
(b) To protect and promote common service interests of the members.
(c) To regulate the relations between the Member-Associations and their employers and to endeavour to settle disputes between the Member-Associations and their employers; to secure fair conditions of life and work and to provide relief to the members against sickness, old age unemployment and death.
(d) To start and work such scheme as may be beneficial and conducive for the amelioration of the conditions of members viz., scholarship fund, widows fund, orphan fund, common good fund, hostels etc.,
(e) To foster a spirit of national awareness, self-reliance and self-respect among the members.
(f) To infuse among its members principles of thrift, economy, social service and social helps.
(g) To affiliate or associate with any other association having kindred aims and objects, subject to the condition that this Association shall be governed by its own constitution in respect of activities affecting its members and in the control of its funds.
(h) To secure a ‘Living Wage' as ensured in the Constitution of India.
(i) To do such other lawful activities as are incidental and conducive to the attainment of the above objects.
(j) The functions of the Association shall not be on the basis of any caste, tribe, religious or linguistic denomination or of any group within or section of such caste, tribe, religious or linguistic denominations.
(k) The executive functions of the Association shall be vested with the National Executive Council and all India Office bearers as enumerated in paragraphs 11 to 12 of the Constitution.
(l) The Association shall not send any representation or deputation except in connection with a matter which is of common interest to the members of the Association.
(m) The Association shall not espouse or support the cause of individual members relating to service matters.
(n) All representations shall be sent through proper channel and shall as a normal practice be addressed to the head of the department or office.
(o) A list of members and office bearers, an upto-date copy of the rules and an audited statement of the accounts of the Association shall be maintained at the Head Quarters a copy of which shall be furnished to the Member-Associations after the annual Representative General Body meeting of the Association which shall not be later than 30th June of each year.
(p) The communication addressed by the Association or office-bearer on its behalf to the government or a government authority shall not contain any disrespectful or improper language.

The Association shall be an all India organization comprising all the states and union territories of the Union of India. The state level associations shall be recognized by the Association.

The Association year shall be from January to December.

The Legal Metrology Officer of the State, Central or Union Territory or Officers of IILM Ranchi or any Ex Officer of Legal Metrology as the case may be will be eligible to affiliate themselves as the member of association.

Application for affiliation to the Association shall be made to the General Secretary with full particulars of representative character as stipulated in paragraph 7 above. After corroborating the veracity of the particulars furnished, the applicant shall be admitted as a Member Association on payment of the subscription.

(a) Each Member Sate shall pay an admission fee of Rs.2000/- at the time of admission and an annual Affiliation Fee at the following rates:
i) Associations with 100 and Affiliation Fee Rs.5000/- p.a.+ Token Contribution of Rs.100/- per member p.a above number of members.
ii) Associations with 50 and Affiliation Fee Rs.3000/- p.a.. + Token Contribution of Rs.100/- per member p.a. above number of members but less than 100.
iii) Associations with less than Affiliation Fee Rs.2000/- p.a. T Token Contribution of Rs.100/- per member p.a. 50 members.
iv) Individual member Admission fee Rs.250/- + Contribution Rs.100/- p.a. The Affiliation Fee and Token Contribution shall be paid not later than 30th June every year to the Association.
(b) If any Member Association fails to pay its subscription and Token Contribution to the Association within the prescribed period, it shall cease to be an affiliate of the Association. However it is eligible for re-admission by paying an additional readmission fee of Rs.1000/- in addition to its dues.

A Member Association or an Individual Member may resign its membership by giving to the General Secretary of the Association notice to the effect that it shall cease to be a member of the Association on its resignation being accepted.

The affairs of the Association shall be managed by the National Executive Council consisting of one President, twelve Vice-Presidents, one General Secretary, one Head Quarters Secretary, one Treasurer and twelve Secretaries and one National Executive Council Member for each Member Association with less than 50 members, two All India National Executive Council Members for each Member Associations with more than 50 but less than 100 members and three All India National Executive Council Members for Member Associations with more than 100 members. In the case of individual members, the National Executive Council will nominate.

The term of the office bearers of the Association shall be two years or till the next election conducted by the Representative General Body Meeting and the newly elected office bearers assume charge. The President, twelve Vice Presidents, the General Secretary, the Treasurer and twelve Secretaries shall be elected in the elections conducted in the Representative General Body Meeting specifically held for this purpose, by a Returning Officer, who shall be appointed by the National Executive Council. The voting shall be by secret ballot and the Returning Officer may appoint as many assistants as he deems necessary from among the R.G.B. members present for the conduct of the election and declare the results then and there. Any dispute over the election will be decided by the Retuning Officer. Any appeal against the decision of the Retuning Officer shall be presented to the Representative General Body Meeting in session which shall dispose of it immediately. The Head quarters Secretary shall be appointed by the newly elected President. The National executive council members belonging to the Member Associations shall be elected in their respective Central Executive Councils and their name, designation and address shall be communicated to the General Secretary promptly. Any replacement of incumbent National Executive Council member shall also be made in the same manner.

The management, direction and control of the Association shall vest in the National Executive Council.
a) The National Executive Council shall meet at least once in 4 months and also pass the annual report and audited accounts of the Association in December of every year. It may also transact urgent business by correspondence and by circulation. All proceedings of the Council transacted either at meetings or otherwise shall be recorded in a book maintained for the purpose. Members of the council who do not communicate their views on the question referred to and acknowledged by them before the prescribed date shall be taken as having given their votes in favour of such proposition.
b) The quorum for any of the meeting of the Council shall be -a minimum of 5 member states.
c) The council shall appoint the following Standing Committees.
i) Standing Committee for accounts.
ii) Standing Committee for law and legal metrology.
iii) Standing Committee for service equations The National Executive Council shall prescribe the functions for these sub-committees.
d) The council shall constitute any other sub committee that may be necessary for the conduct of the affairs of the Association. The Council shall make rules for the functioning of all committees.
e) The Council shall have powers to nominate any member or office-bearer of the Association to serve on any committee appointed by the government or any authority sub-ordinate to them to represent the Legal Metrology officers in such committee provided that representation in any such committee which is mainly intended for the affairs of any particular state shall be made on the recommendations of the Members Association of that particular state. It shall intimate to the chairman of such committees, the name and designation of the person nominated to serve on such committees and that no other members shall be recognized as the representative of the Association.
f) The Council may, in the interest of the Association, prescribe the payment of any sum as contribution to be made by the Member Associations. It shall have the power to federate/affiliate/associate the Association with any other association/Association of government servants having kindred objects.
g) The Council may at its discretion donate a sum not exceeding Rs.10,000/- from the funds of the Association to official organizations which undertake to relieve the distress of the people effected by famine, or other natural calamities. Whenever any post of office bearers falls vacant, the same shall be filled by the National Executive Council by co-option.


i) The President shall have overall control of the Association and shall preside at all meetings of the Association. In his absence, one of the Vice-Presidents authorized by the President shall carry out his duties. In the event of absence of the President as well as the Vice-President at the meetings of the Council, any member proposed by the majority of the members present shall preside over it. In cases of emergency requiring immediate action, the President may adopt such measures as the circumstances may demand and convene a special meeting of the council within 30 days and get such actions ratified.

i) In the event of absence of the President, one of the Vice Presidents authorized by the President shall exercise all the powers and perform all the duties of the President.
ii) In all important questions affecting the policy of the Association, the views of the Vice-Presidents shall be obtained.

i) The General Secretary shall be in charge of the office and shall conduct the correspondence, keep the minutes of the proceedings of all the meetings and have the custody of the seal and shall perform all such duties as may be required by this constitution.
ii) He shall prepare at the close of each year an annual report on the working of the Association for the previous year showing its progress, activities and financial conditions. The draft of the report shall be approved by the Council before presentation to the Representative General Body and copies of the report as approved by the Council shall be sent to all Member States so as to reach them seven days before the annual meeting of the Representative General Body.
iii) He shall keep himself in touch with all Members Associations, give and seek advice on questions affecting the Association and the services of Legal Metrology fraternity and prepare appeals and memorials in such cases as the Council may direct.
iv) In cases of emergency requiring immediate action he may take such measures as seems to him called for and report action to the President.
v) He shall when necessary and also when required by the council make a tour of such Members States as may require visiting. He shall then report his movements and work to the President or the council as the case may be.
vi) He shall scrutinize and pass hills and vouchers for payment.
vii) He shall also perform such other duties as may be given by the President or the Council from time to time consistent with the objects of the Association.

i) Ti) The Treasurer shall receive all moneys payable to the Association by the Member Associations and others, issue receipts there of and shall deposit the money in a scheduled Bank approved by the Council. His shall disburse all moneys for and on account of the Association after obtaining proper vouchers and shall have the custody of all valuable securities of the Association.
ii) He shall maintain a Cash Book and General Ledger. He shall prepare a statement of monthly receipts and payments and present it at the National Executive Council whenever convened. He shall also prepare at the close of each year an Annual Statement of Accounts for the preceding year duly audited for incorporation in the Annual Report. Besides he shall also prepare Budget Estimate for the ensuring year and get it approved by the Council at its meeting before the Annual Representative General Body and present it in the Annual Representative General Body Meeting for its adoption.

The Head Quarters Secretary and Secretaries shall assist the General Secretary in carrying out his duties and responsibilities.

The Funds of the Association shall comprise:-
a) i) Admission Fee received from the Member Associations
ii) Subscription comprising of Affiliation Fee and Token contribution collected from Member Associations.
iii) Common good Fund.
iv) Government grants.
v) Donations from Member Associations.
b) The amount due to the Association shall be remitted at the close of each quarter.
c) The Funds of the Association shall be drawn from the Bank and all cheques shall be signed by the President and the Treasurer of the Association.
d) Funds of the Association shall be deposited in a scheduled Bank approved by the Council in the name of the Association.
e) All expenses in connection with the Association except specific items of expenditure which are met from the respective specific funds shall be met from the funds mentioned in items (i) and (ii).
f) The General Secretary shall be given a permanent advance of Rs.2000/= (Rupee Two Thousand Only) for meeting contingent expenses. He shall recoup this amount whenever necessary. For any item of emergent expenditure above the said limit but not exceeding Rs.5000/-, he shall get the prior approval of the President. Any single item of expenditure exceeding this limit of Rs.5000/- shall have the prior sanction of the council provided that the expenses on specified purpose such as payment of common good fund and traveling allowance to the office bearers shall be governed by the provisions of this constitution and rules made there under.

i) The traveling allowance of any member or members of a standing committee constituted under this constitution who may be required to undertake any journey in connection with the affairs of the Association shall be met from the funds of the Association provided that traveling allowance for any of the representative of the National Executive Council or of any standing committee who attends the meeting of the council shall be met by the Member-Associations concerned and that the traveling allowance of any members of a standing committee who attends the meeting of the committee shall be met from the funds of the Association.
ii) Traveling allowance claims shall be restricted to the railway fare at the rates applicable to the lowest class of accommodation available. The council may however admit claims for travel by the next higher class or mode of travel under special and extraordinary circumstances.
iii) The President may authorise the payment of a reasonable advance for the purpose of this rule.

i) An annual Representative General Body Meeting shall be convened before the first of April every year at a place approved by the National Executive Council for adopting the Annual Report and the Audited Accounts of the preceding year and transact such other business as may be placed before it.
ii) Not less than a month's notice shall be given to the R.G.B. Members through the Member Associations. R.G.B. Members desiring to move resolution for the consideration of the Annual R.G.B. Meeting shall be given fifteen days clear notice. The draft resolution should be sent to the General Secretary through the Member Associations provided that for moving amendments to the constitution, thirty days notice shall be necessary. The agenda for the Annual Representative General Body Meeting, containing information regarding the place, date and time of the Meeting shall be intimated to the members through the Member Associations not less than seven days before the date of the Meeting provided that non-receipt of such notice by any member shall not invalidate the proceedings of the meeting.
iii) The President may on his own motion or when so required by the council on the written requisition of at least five of the Member Associations, convene Extraordinary Representative General Body Meeting of the Association to consider and transact any urgent business.
iv) The R.G.B. shall also appoint an Auditor for the Association for the ensuing year.
v) The Representative General Body shall consist of
a) All members of the National Executive Council
b) Representative General Body Members belonging to the Member States duly elected in their respective Central Executive Councils at one R.G.B. Member per 25 members of the Member States concerned. In case of Individual Members, National Executive Council will nominate not more than three members from each State. The elected R.G.B. Members shall have a tenure of one year.

i) The quorum for the Representative General Body shall be 50 representing at least 10 (Ten) Member - States. If there is no quorum, the meeting shall be postponed and a fresh meeting shall be convened.
ii) All prepositions other than the amendments to the constitution of the Association brought forward at any meeting shall be decided by a simple majority of votes. In case of an equality of votes, the President shall have a casting vote.
iii) For deciding proposals of amendments to the constitution of the Association, two-thirds majority shall be necessary.

Conferences may be arranged periodically by the National Executive Council, which shall fix the time and place for the holding of such conferences and frame the by-laws for them.